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barusan gue ngirim surat lamaran admin mig33 . akhirnya kekirim juga . lega rasanya . 4 hari 3 malem buat bikin ginian . jadi juga walaupun bhasa inggrisna kacau . ga berharap bakal kepilih , segagnya dibaca juga gue uda seneng .

Dear mig33,
My name is Liana Apriyanti . My roommate call me Lian Bum Bum cause when Scary Pack released, i often using that emoticon . Here ,i want to apply as admin .
This is my preview :

Username : Lianacihuyy
Phone : 6285310139710
Age : 19 years old
Chatroom : Geminations / Gemination
Prev.Chatroom : Sma 4 Tangerang (Nov-Dec 07), Usa (Dec 07-Mar 08)
Mig level : 23
Member sincere : Nov 07

First of all, thanks to mig33 team for the oppurtunity to take part in
mig33 adminship . I know that i only have a slight chance since i dont
have connection with other admins nor staffs. And my migLevel
for an id made in 2007 is considerably low but thats because i often
change id. Actually my country is not listed for this vacancy but the fact that there are more than 15 million mig33 user in Indonesia and its growth in the use of internet. I think adding more Indonesian admin will come in handy in the future.

For me, mig33 is a part of my social life. When I was in highschool, I used mig33 to stay in touch with my classmates because chatting using mig33 is much more fun, efficient, and cheaper than sms. It really helped us as students because we could discuss about assignments and homeworks. We could make appointment and gossiping about boys ^^ My parents worried about my cyber activities because there are many cyber crimes and that it could distract me from school. I'm 19 years old now. I have graduated from highschool with a good grade and I'm currently doing administrative job in a Toy Company.

Why im so interest to be an Admin? I just want to prove that i can do that without any connection nor recommendation. Its not that im over confident of something but i believe if there is a will, there is a way. And if its God's will,nothing is impossible.

Maybe other reason which make me apply this job ,because basical thing . Its cause i love mig33 so much . I love to becoming of mig33 . One of popular Indonesian , Kahlil Gibran said ,"work is love made visible. And if you can not work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy". Yeah, i love mig33, so i will do the best for my love.

What the contribution i give to mig33 ? I also one of freak user who often wearing mig33 t-shirt and pin. Sometimes my update status on Twitter / Facebook about mig33. I oftenly attend mig33 events such as monthly gathering of geminations chatroom, ICE at senayan on june 10th 2009, national gathering at margo desember 2009, also other mig33 events. For mig33 forum, I'm currently an active member of forum But in 2008 i was an active member of many local forum such as magelangmig, mig33-magelang, mig33-indonesia. Unfortuneately, those forum has been deactivated.

Do i have any idea for mig33? For this now just about school . Why school ?its maybe cause that too much my memories in school using mig33 . So i want to purpose for mig33 to make a mig33 goes to school program . As we know mig33 not only for Indonesian. So we can using the various country to learn other , use bot translate or such like board info about culture other country which change everyday.

Another idea is about mig33 merchandise. As my experience which mig33 things such as shirt,pin,accesoris is very hard to get. We must order to our coordinate room/forum. Mig33 could make a legal merchandise,of course with UNLIMITED label like crazygrape gift and by "low" price :p . Beside that , if mig33rs using mig33 things, its one of the free advertise for mig33 to become more popular .

At last , thanks for your attention .

Best regard,
Liana Apriyanti

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seven7th mengatakan...

"Toy company" huh?
maenan apa aja tuh jenisnya?? o.O

Herman Maulana mengatakan...

jawaban adminnya mana?

Acil Kurniawan 生田 斗真 mengatakan...

Err.. Pantes aja gue gak kepilih, wong kahlil
gibran masa gue bilang "indonesian"

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